Hot Water Cylinder Repairs

No hot water? We repair electric hot water cylinders

What's in your hot water cylinder?.

Your hot water cylinder in designed to heat and store hot water for your eventual use. It ismade up of a storage container that is gheated by an eletric element and controlled by an immersion or surface mounted thermostat.

What goes wrong?

There are several causes to having no hot water, falts in the supply, the thermostat, the ripple relay, the hotwater supply switch or the element. 

​Symptom ​Possible Fault
​The circuit breaker for your hot water on your switchboard trips and will not reset, ​Element requires replacement
​The fuse has blown on your switchboard or meter board and when replaced blows again immediately, ​​Element requires replacement
​The water is too hot and there is a pipe on the outside of your house that is dripping ​The thermostat has failed and the water is overheating
​And simply there is no hotwater

We offer 24 hour 7 day a week service that will ensure that you have hot water when you need